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Online background reports are valuable to employers in getting required details about their potential employees. Unlike police or credit checks, background screening for employers gather information legally from available public records through certified consumer reporting agencies.

Take charge of your personal information with our Personal Screening and Individual Background Screening for Employers. Generate online background reports.

We are a personal screening service company, delivering fast individual background screening for employers. Order now on the best individual background screening site and get a PDF report emailed to you instantly. 94% of our BRONZE & SILVER online background reports are returned within one business day. 


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Bronze Package

Basic Package
Typically takes < 8 business hours
Includes: National Criminal Search: (Without Adjudication / Unverified)


Silver Package

Advanced Package
Typically takes < 8 business hours
Includes: Criminal Database Solution Plus Alias (Without Adjudication / Unverified)


Gold Package

Advanced Package
Typically takes 48 to 72 business hours
Includes: Criminal Database Solution Plus Alias (With Adjudication / Verified)

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Social Media Search

Special Package
Typically takes < 12 business hours
Learn how your online profile looks to others, including potential employers.

When do you need a Background Screening?

 You are looking for a new job and want to make a great first impression on the interviewer

You are planning to switch careers and wish to get up-to-dated on data accuracy.

 You are looking to rent and need a background screening to submit to your landlord for gaining trust.

You are looking to put forward an attractive proposal to an investor.

You are planning to volunteer for a social cause and want to show you have a clean and decent portfolio.

You are applying for a baby sitter or a security guard position outside of work and want to prove your credibility.

Individual background screening for employers are highly valued in professional and domestic scenarios.

From professional job applicants to students, tenants, volunteers, security guards, and private tutors, all use background screening services to make a great first impression.

Businesses and corporations value the credibility of personal screening while making business decisions. A particular online background report may carry data about past criminal records, education history, work details, spending habits, credit reports, and any other felonies that may have taken place.

Are you looking for a individual background screening service that is compliant and ensures your data is protected? Peopletrail's subsidiary, Consumer Credentials, is the best online background screening site you will find for an online background report. End your serach because you are currently on the best background screening service platform for personal screening.

Our personal screening help you see what prospective employers will know about you.

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Why should you run a personal background screening?

Smart job candidates are prepared with their background screening information, as employers are likely to have this information before the final interview. But even if you are not interviewing for a job, here are 4 solid reasons to run a personal background screening.
Authenticate your identity
This includes verifying your name, address, and date of birth, as captured across federal and state records. While we would like to think of these individual elements as unique, a simple Google search can quickly show you otherwise. An online background report can also help you discover criminal records associated with people who share your name so that you can address any side effects.
Protection from identity theft
Consider that a background screening uncovers an existing DUI in your name. On further investigation, you realize that the record was incorrectly captured in your name, “Jamie Smith”, when the actual recipient is “Jamy Smith”. In addition, you work with the Department of Motor Vehicles to have this sorted. As you can imagine, the lack of this knowledge could have led to unnecessary traffic violations registered in your name.
Awareness of non-expunged juvenile records
A reliable background screening will help you maintain your past juvenile records. Juvenile record can be expunged once you are 21 years old (or in line with state guidelines). However, this needs to be triggered by you. Smart candidates take care of this before an interview, so it no longer appears in the pre-employment screening.
Validate professional and personal facts as per your resume
Consider that a reference provided by you contradicts the information captured in your resume. In some cases, this could be due to an inadvertent misunderstanding. A self-triggered screening will help you discover kinks, so you have the opportunity to fix them before an important interview.

How can a background screening help you?

Adding an online background report with your job application could just give you an edge right at the beginning of your job hunt process. HR recruiters love candidates with a higher confidence level, who are transparent and know every detail about themselves.

An excellent way to be confident about yourself and to stay on top of your personal information is to run an individual background screening on yourself. Among thousand's of screening companies, we are different. Please check our sample reports for more information on our background screening results look like.

Not getting the interview results you think you deserve?

The job market in the US has become competitive after the COVID-19 crises. Now is a perfect time to land a new job; perhaps adding a personal screening with your job application could make the difference. Conducting an individual background screening also assists you in preparing accurate job applications and avoiding inconsistencies. We might be the game-changing screening service for your career.

Forewarned is forearmed: Consider that your background check exposes a criminal history in your name despite everything. It is always better to be aware of this scenario, so you can voluntarily address it in a job interview. In some cases, employers may even be willing to consider your side, especially if you have consistently demonstrated positive behavior in the recent past.

What's included in your online background report?

A trusted individual screening service will always deliver accurate results on time. Consumer Credentials keeps the trust offer three types of screening, all with different levels of depth and scope. (Bronze, Silver, Gold)

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Consumer Credentials is a subsidiary of Peopletrail®, the best background screening site for B2B screening needs. The company has been providing individual background screening and pre-employment screening since 1994. Anyone can run a personal screening on themselves within a matter of clicks and get an online background report within minutes.

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Types of Individual
Background Screening

The purpose of a screening service agency is to provide online background reports to verify that a person is who they claim to be. An employer typically runs a check on their new employees to confirm that all the information provided on an application or resume is correct. We offer multiple different kinds of personal screening for individuals, which they can run on themselves and attach with their job applications to put a great first impression.

Did you know that there are many different kinds of background screening available which the employer can use to investigate the prospective hire? What if you could do a screening on yourself and have the answers to the potential questions ready before the interview?

Background screening service companies have distinct depths and details. Each state has guidelines, which employers must follow when making hiring decisions. It is unlawful to make decisions on information that does not comply with the requirements of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

You have a great chance to make an incredible first impression.

Order your report from the best background screening site, Consumer Credentials.

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