Caught With a Fake Educational Degree?

Caught With a Fake Educational Degree? Here’s what you need to know?

The social media age comes with a lot of pressure for the youth. There is pressure to work a six-figure job, dress like an influencer, drive a great car, and even travel abroad once in a while. Luckily, having a great job might be among the easiest ways to live that kind of life. What happens if you don’t have the necessary qualifications to get the job?

This is part of the reasons why fake degrees have been all the rage. As inviting as bypassing four years of education feels, it could actually land you in trouble.

Why do people get fake degrees?

There are multiple reasons behind the need for a fake degree. For starters, some people use these degrees to try and find their way into the job market. With the rising cost of college education, some people might prefer to use a same-day degree. The degree only costs a fraction of the cost of education and could unlock some possibilities.

The chances of getting caught

HR departments are obligated to perform a background check for every employee, from their criminal record to their educational history. Any issues might result in you losing the job opportunity. There are two types of fake degrees. While you can get a fake degree from a real university, you can get a real degree from a fake university.

What if you don’t get caught, but you get hired? Aside from the constant worry that someone will catch on, your performance might expose you, especially if you don’t have the skill required for the job. Either way, it only takes a few calls to identify whether you are a real student in a university, and getting caught is very easy.

The consequences

The consequences for using fake degrees will depend on your state. However, most will consider this as a criminal act. You can easily be charged with “offering a false instrument for filing” and “criminal possession of a forged instrument.” Both of these could lead to jail time.

If the employer doesn’t want to sue, you could easily lose your job, regardless of how long you have worked there. Some professions have strict codes of conduct that could result in many more consequences.

What are your alternatives?

If you are thinking of a fake degree because you can’t afford a college education, you should consider other options. For instance, many global universities offer education at a low price point. For instance, German universities offer free tuition for anyone seeking an undergraduate degree.  Moving to another country should also not worry you.

You can easily leverage distance learning at an accredited university. Not only is this cheaper, but it is also quite flexible. You can learn and have a day job.

Put in the work

Preparing for a career takes years of education. The good thing is that no one can take your education away from you. If you want to enjoy a career that doesn’t have you worried about getting caught, getting a real degree is essential.

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