My Past Mistakes On My Background Check? Consumer Credentials

My Past Mistakes On My Background Check?

Youth is wasted on the young,” proclaimed George Bernard Shaw. This quote has certainly turned prophetic for many working professionals, given the landscape across the globe today. In view of the prevailing global economic challenges, businesses and individual employers alike are becoming much more prudent in their hiring choices, often using pre-employment screenings to vet out the best candidates.

As a natural offset, this is pushing job candidates to become more conscientious with their job-hunting process. There can always be errors in your past but which one of them may show in your background check? Especially in your youth, perhaps in college? Will they actually appear in a background check? More importantly, can they impact your potential employment? Here are 5 takeaways in this regard.Major Considerations That Govern Background Checks

1. Drinking and driving

There is one universal rule that affects the two – they should never be mixed together! Hence, prepare to have all DUI (drinking under influence) and DWI (drinking while intoxicated) charges uncovered during background checks. But, here’s the caveat.

Depending on the state of potential employment, FCRA guidelines may impact whether they are actually reported (or even considered) by a future employer. For instance, some states mandate that first-time charges that did not end in a conviction are not reported (or no longer reported after a certain time period). On the other hand, even a minor parking offense may be considered by an employer, especially if it is for the role of an expert driver!

2. Criminal convictions

The words “criminal conviction” may conjure up the image of a dark villain. And yet, you were anything but that when you got into a harmless fight driven by your hormones during a college frat party. Unfortunately, the law considers otherwise, especially if it warranted a visit to the local police station.

If you have a criminal record (includes felony, theft, fighting, etc.), it will show up in your background check. However, employers often consider the severity of the crime before deciding on further action. Here, sex offenses and weapon-based crimes are often considered unpardonable and may lead to termination of candidature or employment.

3. Drugs

The simple rule is this – no employer wants to hire a potential drug addict. But, this is often hard to prove. So, prepare to have any drug offense uncovered during the check.

If you are a job candidate, the employer is legally allowed to terminate the candidature due to a past drug offense. But if you are a current employee, this may not be enough to warrant termination (based on the FCRA guidelines in the state of employment). In this case, the HR person may have a chat with you to ensure this habit belongs solely to the past, and even suggest rehabilitation or counseling in some cases.

4. Work theft, leading to a conviction

Yes, this appears in the background check. And yes, this is treated, and can jeopardize your chances of future employment. However, the employer will still need to follow the pre-adverse action notification guidelines, in order to terminate candidature or employment. This gives candidates the time to respond to the information presented with their version of events.

5. Juvenile offenses

Again, these can vary across US states. In some states, a youth offense is considered juvenile if the individual is below 16 years of age. Also, EEOC guidelines will impact if the juvenile offense can still be reported in a background check (as it is typically valid only for 7-10 years).


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