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Do All Background Checks Take The Same Amount of Time?   Pre-employment screenings are becoming an increasing necessity in the professional world, both to verify a job candidate’s authenticity, and to mitigate risk at work. In this world of instant online searches, it is reasonable for employers to expect quick, often instant results. Because of...


Learn what happens if an employer runs a background check after you get hired.   The situation may become awkward if an employer runs a background check on you after you are already hired. Today, an increasing number of companies and employers conduct pre-employment screenings and background checks to verify the authenticity of job candidates....


Useful tips when you perform a background check on the babysitter   Leaving your precious child to anyone other than you can be a scary prospect, especially when you don’t have close family members, friends, or neighbors to help you. For this reason, a background check on a babysitter makes total sense. In these types...


Key Attributes That Employers Seek when they do a background check for a Security Guard   Professional security guards are a vital part of the company that employs them. Security guards are usually put in positions where they can be clearly seen by visitors, and are a way for businesses to show clients that the...


Does your private tutor need background screening? Everyone you hire needs to be background checked. Background checks for private tutors are very common. As we know, children benefit significantly from full-time private tuition. Therefore, many families choose private tuition for their children keeping their travel, security, and international relocation needs in mind.     It...


What Are The Red Flags The HR Manager Will Look Out For During The Hiring Process   The hiring process can be a critical experience for all parties involved, as each pays particular attention to their best interests. The HR manager is tasked with ensuring the best candidate gets the job, this is why the...


4 Reasons Students Should Have Their Background Checked   University and college campuses comprise a variety of people, ranging from students, professors, and supporting staff to the administrators and directors. The need for a safe and sound campus cannot be underestimated. Usually, a background screening program exists in various schools. But the question is how...


The background check is an indispensable part of the pre-employment screening process. One wrong hire can cause disharmony in the company’s functions, thereby wasting its precious resources.   When an applicant submits their resume, companies are likely to assume the authenticity of the content presented. However, there can be cases where the applicant is hiding...


In this article, we will discuss factors to consider while selecting an online background check service. If you are in the process of selecting an online background check service, you should know what factors to consider in your choice of a service provider. Background check services can be critical whether you are hiring a babysitter,...


Background Checks Frequently Asked Questions by Employees Background Checks Frequently Asked Questions are popular amongst individuals interested in ordering a background check. This is a reason we arranged this article. For many employers, background check and pre-employment screening have now become a regular part of the hiring process. However, many candidates and employees still struggle...


7 Factors To Look For When Using A Background Check Service   Have you ever wondered what a potential employer might find out about you if they were to perform a background check? A hit on a background check is something you should be concerned about, especially if you are currently looking for a job....

Consumer Credentials Instant Background Checks Help You To Be In Control Of Your Own Information. Consumer Background Screening is an art Peopletrail has mastered in the last 26 years. In early January, Peopletrail launched its new consumer portal, Consumer Credentials. Its sole purpose is to provide consumers with the actionable insight they can trust, reports that are...

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Copyright by Peopletrail, LLC. All rights reserved.